About Customer Support

Why do most of our competitors try to cut cost in the worst possible area - customer service and technical support?. At DTA we believe that providing the highest quality support is critical. We understand that your phones are the lifeblood of your business and a 24 to 48 hour response time just won't cut it.

At DTA, we are committed to having the best support system in the Industry. Our SLA on outages is One Hour! That means that no matter what day it is or what time it is, if you submit an emergency outage ticket, we will most likely solve it within one hour.

We have invested great effort in having the best ticketing support system available. In addition to being able to submit tickets via email, you can chat live with one of our agents during business hours from this page, our Support Website at support.dtacom.com or even from inside our PBXs! Let's face it; it is very nice to be able to make changes to the settings of your PBX any time you want, but sometimes, you just forget how to do something or just need a little help. Given that the chat link is right there on every settings page, really makes it easy. We can even get a snapshot of the page you are on to see the problem.

Help Is Here
Contact Us / Submit a ticket
    Below are the email addresses to submit a ticket to our various departments.
  • General Support - support@dtacom.com
  • Billing - billing-support@dtacom.com
  • Enhanced 911 - e911@dtacom.com
  • Outage - emergency_outage@dtacom.com
  • Porting - porting@dtacom.com
  • Sales - sales_support@dtacom.com
    Live Chat
    Filling the gap
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    During our standard business hours, you will find help with the ease of a mouse click using our "Live Help ONLINE" button. Our agents monitor the website in order to answer questions as efficiently as possible. Not everything can be solved via chat so the chat transcript also automatically opens a ticket! If you enter you email address, when prompted, a copy of that ticket, with the chat transcript, will be emailed to you immediately afterward. Anywhere you see our "Live Help ONLINE" button, click it to chat with one of our agents. Also for your convenience, you can select the "Leave a message" button during non-standard business hours to open a ticket in our system, and one of our agents will respond to you within 4 business hours. If your phone service is down, or significantly impaired, please click here or send an email to emergency_outage@dtacom.com to declare an emergency outage and one of our agents will respond within the hour!

    Standard Business Hours:
    Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:30 pm EST