About partners

Why are we a channel partner driven company?  Because this allows us to serve a very large number of customers better.  By working through your managed service provider, IT consultant or other technology solution provider we ensure that you have proper support from a local, hands on partner who knows your needs and physical requirements.  The first thing we tell our partners is to learn when to say "no"...when to say "This is not the best solution for you", whether due to limitations on available high speed Internet, internal network issues or any other reason that you would not be a happy customer.

The vast majority of our sales are through our channel partners - and we provide them with very high level of support.  Both in the diagnostic tools/provisioning platform and through our highly trained support staff.

Managed Service Providers  
A perfect match

Managed Service Providers are the ideal channel partners for DTA.  They understand the customer's network, Internet access and business needs, allowing them to properly qualify the customer and ensure a smooth installation.

PBX dealers  
Filling the gap
Legacy PBX dealers have been crippled by several factors, including losing customers to hosted PBX and credit limitations preventing large on-premise sales from being closed.  By adding our hosted PBX service and SIP trunking to their offerings they add a recurring revenue stream and rescue those customers.